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Questions To Ask Your Customers

questions to ask your customers

Recently I was asked, “Do you have questions you always ask future customers?”

Blogging Equals Lead Generation for Manufacturers

lead generation for manufacturers

One of the most important things for small manufacturing companies to do to drive traffic to their website and generate leads is to blog.  Surveys show that companies that blog regularly generate more leads. One study shows that companies who blog regularly generate twice the traffic and up to six times the leads of comparable companies that do not.

STARTEGY - How to Launch Inbound Marketing Projects


start·e·gy   [start-i-jee] 
noun, plural -gies.

Communicate Results and Grow Your Service Business

reporting results to clients

Recently the good folks at HubSpot asked me to provide some insight on how Top Line Results engages our clients to report results and how this impacts client management, referrals, and growing our business.  The following are some of the thoughts I shared with a big homage going out to Alan Weiss, the king of value based fees thinking and one of my personal heroes.

Face to Face Communication in a Faceless World

face to face communication, social media, business communication

I've got a few reasons why you still need to get face to face with clients as often as possible and not just rely on technology like GoTo, Skype, e-mail, and social media to make your connections.

How's your sales follow through?

sales follow throughOn Sunday we took the crew to Tampa for the Rays versus Indians game.  We purchased our tickets online through the official website and what struck me was not the upfront transaction but the following e-mail we received today:

Yes I know this in an automated follow up email but it is a good one.  Here are a few keys for you as you follow up each of your sales:
  • Did you say thank you?  Often overlooked but it is basic courtesy to express thanks genuinely to those who have just purchased from you.  Did you call and express your appreciation?  How about a personal hand written note?

Sales 101: Sometimes Being Nice Makes All the Difference

Sales 101, Justin Allgaier

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend - I want to tell you about some amazing young men that made our July 4th weekend very special.

You Can't Hurry Sales, But You Can Provide Extraordinary Value.


How many of your sales people are like Chris Farley in one of my all-time favorite sales movies Tommy Boy?

What sales credibility problem?

sales credibility

Great Dilbert today about sales.

Show, Don't Tell Valuable in Customer Communications

Show Me, customer communications

A client recently described a customer situation where he lost an order due to a perceived difference in control software functionality.  The comment of his that made me stop was, "I told them that our software was better at this task and easier at that task than the competitor - but they still bought from the other guy."

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