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How Not to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

drive traffic to your trade show booth

Is no one showing up at your booth except 23 other exhibitors, 18 people trying to sell you something, and the show bill collector? Do you prepare for a show by making sure your backdrop is just so, your machine is running properly, your toolkit is packed with all the crap you could ever possibly need – oh yeah – did you prepare your target audience?

Questions To Ask Your Customers

questions to ask your customers

Recently I was asked, “Do you have questions you always ask future customers?”

Mobile Marketing

inbound marketing

Mobile marketing can seem redundant for a lot of businesses. After all, you've already spent time and money to build a website, why should you spend more time and money to build a mobile website?

What is HubSpot and What Can it Do for You?


HubSpot is a software as a service, SaaS, offering a variety of tools to help your business increase web traffic, convert visitors to leads and leads to customers. HubSpot provides your business with control over your web presence from social media managing, to your company blog, to lead nurturing management tools all in one easy to use format that pulls all of the web aspects of your business together. It also offers powerful analytic and web site management strategies.

What is Inbound Marketing?

what is inbound marketing

What is inbound marketing?

Sales Is Not Easy But It Is Simple.

Sales is not easy but it is simple.  That particular insight took me about 15 years to figure out.  

Figure out what the client's business goals are and show them how you can help them reach those goals.  Do not sell a commodity product or generic service - sell them on the fact that you can help them reach their goals (these other things are tools and techniques that may help you help them achieve their goals but why sell them when you can sell something a whole lot better - you and your expertise).  

Easy to say, tough to do.

My experience is that when you fall back on pitches, presentations, and product demos you have probably lost sight of the above goal and will have a very low conversion percentage to sales.  Most likely in the 3-7% range of most salespeople.

Why is this so?  You are thinking about you and not them, your products and services and not them, your expertise and not them, what you are comfortable with and not what they need.

I close a very high % of our prospect conversations - I lose them when I forget the above ideas and focus on me (my presentation, my needs, my bank account, my ego, and on and on).

Check everything you are doing to 'sell' a prospect and make sure that is for their benefit and not yours.

Make the First, First Impression to Grow Revenue

first first impression

We all know the old adage that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Now it is more critical than ever to make the first, first impression if you want to have any chance to control the buying process and be anything other than happy for the the random sales that fall you way.

Small Business Online Marketing Miracles or Fool's Gold?

Small Business Online Marketing Miracles = Fool's Gold

Have you ever gotten all fired up about a marketing event, made an investment of time, money, and emotional energy hoping that this one big thing will lead to a cascade of leads and turn around your sinking sales numbers?

Friday Happy Hour: Correlation between marketing and liquor


Happy Weekend from Top Line Results!

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Friday Happy Hour: Who or what is your marketing mouthpiece?


Have you checked your marketing message lately?

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