How's your sales follow through?

Posted by Todd Hockenberry on Jul 12, 2010

On Sunday we took the crew to Tampa for the Rays versus Indians game.  We purchased our tickets online through the official website and what struck me was not the upfront transaction but the following e-mail we received today:

sales follow through

Yes I know this in an automated follow up email but it is a good one.  Here are a few keys for you as you follow up each of your sales:
  • Did you say thank you?  Often overlooked but it is basic courtesy to express thanks genuinely to those who have just purchased from you.  Did you call and express your appreciation?  How about a personal hand written note?

  • Did you re-state the value that you and your product delivered?  Remind them of the value you sold and make sure they continue to recognize why they bought from you in the first place.

  • Did you show them where to go to get ongoing information about you and your company?  How can they join your community?  How do they continue to hear what you doing?  What you are learning?
  • Did you show them how to come back for more?  Is it easy to buy more from you?

  • Did you ask for feedback on the sale and the process and how it could be made better and valuable for them?  What did they like, dislike, would do differently?  Many salespeople are just so happy to get the order that they are afraid to ask these types of questions.

As in baseball, a good sale is only home run if you follow through.

Todd Hockenberry

Top Line Results - Orlando, FL

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