Do Something, Even If It Is Wrong

Posted by Todd Hockenberry on Apr 23, 2011

top line results, bias for action, seo orlando, hubspot partner orlandoThe title of this post is a quote from my dad heard often in my childhood.  His point was that the world favors a bias for action and that you are better off in the game than on the sidelines - and the only way to get in the game is to take action.

Seth Godin's recent blog post talks about the economic trends affecting us and how they impact work. 

We work with a bunch of clients in a variety of fields and the lack of action trips up many of them.

It is easier to watch Facebook than to dive in and find an audience.

It is easier to read a blog than to write one.

It is easier to send an e-mail than to go see a partner/distributor/customer.

It is easier to hire a web designer to create a shiny new design for your website than to understand how to use it to reach customers.

It is easier to keep the same people doing the same job for a long time than to challenge people to learn new skills and job roles.

It is easier to blame the economy than to find a new niche and exploit it.

It is easier to keep servicing the same customers the same way than to fire a bunch of them and get better customers (no, not all customers are good ones).

It is easier to go to seminars and read business books than to actually implement new ideas - please try something, anything instead of just reading about it.

It is easier to hope you find the one thing that will rocket you to success (equivalent to hitting the lottery) than to work hard every day doing all the many little things you need to be successful.

Do Something, even if it is wrong, at least then you will know, be little be smarter, and be closer to the succes you know you deserve.

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