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Posted by Todd Hockenberry ● Jan 12, 2018

Answer These 10 Questions To Reach Your Top Line Growth Goals

A while back we posted 5 key stats and 5 critical steps to take to reach your top line growth goals.

top line growth goals

Today we pose a series of questions you should be asking in order to adopt to the changes reflected in the 5 key stats.  Many of them relate to the 5 critical steps and there are many more but these are all pretty key ones to ask yourself and your marketing team.

We have published detailed posts on each stat, step and question with the goal of helping you prepare to meet your 2018 sales goals.

So here are the 10 Questions to answer to ensure that you reach your sales goals:

  1. Do you have a detailed defined ideal buyer persona or do you push your marketing content out to the world and hope you hit a few that turn into customers?
  2. Do you know when your best prospects are on your website and what pages they are viewing and in what order?
  3. Do you know what online publications your target prospects are reading and who they consider thought leaders?
  4. Are you using content like case studies and testimonials to attract and engage prospects in person and online?
  5. Can you name the best keyword sets that attract the most website visitors and the ones that turn into leads and customers?
  6. Do you use an email tool that gives you details of when and how your emails are read by prospects?
  7. Do you know how many people are on your email lists, how many bounce, how many click your emails and how many open them?
  8. Are you building connections to prospects and influencers using social media like Twitter and LinkedIn and do you know where and how your prospects use social media?
  9. Can you measure your cost per lead, cost of customer acquisition, and what parts of your marketing investment are giving you the greatest return and which ones are losing money?
  10. Do your sales people close the loop and stay connected online and using social media, and other tools to facilitate engagement, with prospects and customers?


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