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Posted by Todd Hockenberry on Feb 24, 2012

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Durable Technologies manufactures and is an industrial distributor for a wide selection of traditional marking tools for industrial part marking, package date coding as well as hot stamping and branding applications. 


In 2009 Durable realized that they were not being well served by their website in terms of visits, leads, and credibility.  They outsourced to a local web marketing firm and would have to send requests for minor changes and would get a quote for the most basic of updates.  So not only was the website ineffective it was annoying to work with and costly to update.

With no internal capabilities to manage their website Durable was faced with a need to continue outsource online marketing but to also be able to exert more control over their online presence.

In early 2010 Top Line Results was engaged with Durable helping them launch some new products and penetrate new markets when we became aware of the situation with the website.  We suggested that Durable move the website hosting to HubSpot and take back control of the ability to manage, update, and develop their website.  Durable was happy with Top Line Results consulting work so they asked us to take over the management and development of the website using HubSpot.  Thus, Durable became out first HubSpot customer and sent us on the road to becoming a HubSpot VAR and inbound marketing consultant.

After three months organic traffic had gone up over 26% and over 70% after six months. 

After three months inbound leads had gone up over 43% and over 66% after six months. 

2011 Results continued to show the power of HubSpot and inbound marketing strategy.  Overall site visits were up over 250% with leads up 200% from 2010 levels.  Visit to lead conversion % had doubled.

Most importantly sales also grew and Durable enjoyed their best sales year ever in 2011.

In early 2011 Durable realized that they needed a new website design in order to convert even more of the visitors to leads.  In October 2011 we launched the new site.

This chart shows the increase in leads over the first three months after the re-designed site launched.

inbound marketing strategy

2012 started off with a bang with January being the best month ever for organic visits, overall visits, and leads.  The SEO efforts are clearly starting to pay off in terms of targeted visits and sales qualified leads.  One trend we want to continue is that more leads are coming in asking for very specific quotes for products.  This tells us that our SEO efforts match the target personas and that the content on the site answers their questions and solves their problems. More of the leads are also from new prospects and represent incremental sales growth opportunities in the future.

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