What is HubSpot and What Can it Do for You?

Posted by Todd Hockenberry on Apr 28, 2012

hubspotHubSpot is a software as a service, SaaS, offering a variety of tools to help your business increase web traffic, convert visitors to leads and leads to customers. HubSpot provides your business with control over your web presence from social media managing, to your company blog, to lead nurturing management tools all in one easy to use format that pulls all of the web aspects of your business together. It also offers powerful analytic and web site management strategies.

HubSpot offers a variety of tools, but to give you a quick overview we've listed some of the most popular and most often used HubSpot tools.

Blogging platform

  • Easy tags, meta description, meta keywords, link, image, and video imbedding

hubspot blog tool

Landing pages

  • Creation, templates , and easy form management

Calls to Action

  • Easy to use button builder and CTA management

Keyword tool

  • See your rankings and your competitions rankings
  • Keyword campaign management for easy organization and optimization
  • Hubspot keyword recommendations

hubspot keyword tool

Page grader

  • Easily see your individual web page rankings, recommendations for better SEO, and links

List manager

  • Easily manager your email lists with the ability to sort and organize in many different ways

Lead nurturing

  • Create lead nurturing campaigns, manage your campaigns, and use helpful templates

hubspot lead nurturing

Social media tools

  • Track your mentions across social media platforms
  • Publish your content
  • Build a following and track how they interact with your website

Analytic tools

  • Track your visits, leads, and customers all in one place
  • Connect the dots between what people search, what content they find, and what makes them convert to a lead

HubSpot can be utilized as a content management system or you can simply use the Hubspot tracking code on your web pages. The tracking code is a good way to utilize the tools and analytics HubSpot provides without moving your website. Using HubSpot as a content management system allows you to build your website while taking advantage of all of the tools they offer.

We love HubSpot because it enables us to deliver a very high ROI to our clients in terms of leads and increased revenue.  HubSpot is the inbound marketing enablement tool we recommend.

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