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Posted by Todd Hockenberry ● Jun 04, 2013

An Inbound Marketing Success Story

inbound marketing success storyI wanted to share with you a recent blog post of mine that The Collaborative Growth Network (Co-Grow) recently ran. This post is a bit of a departure from the series I've been writing for Co-Grow, but I really wanted to share a story from my own business.

I've seen a lot through all of our 40 customers and 3 years of being a HubSpot partner, but recently I had a client do something that blew me away. One of our newest clients, and their whole office full of staff, gave me a round of applause at the end of a presentation. I was so touched by their gratitude that I wanted to share this one, simple moment of success with all of you.

Here's a quote from the owner of TMI Inc. about our work:

"Todd Hockenberry and the Top Line Results team have been a valuable resource for Technologies Management, Inc. Todd’s marketing and business acumen have helped us increase our website traffic 360 % in 2 years, resulting in more qualified leads from our online efforts. Through Todd’s training and expert assistance with our HubSpot marketing platform, we currently benefit from demonstrable growth in online referrals, our social media presence (increased 600%), and our online store sales (up 75%). I am confident that a collaboration with Todd and Top Line Results would bring equally impactful results to any company eager to amplify their inbound marketing initiatives and increase sales and revenue."

~ Connie Wightman, President & CEO Technologies Management, Inc.

Check out Transform Your Website (and More) with Inbound Marketing on the Collaborative Growth Blog to get the full story.

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