Why your potential customers WANT you to proactively market to them.

Posted by Todd Hockenberry on Aug 08, 2009

In today’s electronic world we receive so many sales and marketing messages that we all have become immune to the noise. Estimates vary but the average person receives in one form or another up to 1,000 marketing messages every day.

proactive marketing pays offWe ignore most things that arrive by mail, too busy to really read them.  

We delete e-mails without even bothering to read the subject line much less the body of the message, it’s all spam anyway.

We barely have time to do our jobs much less go to trade shows. And if we do manage to get one day at a show we have time for only a quick run through at best--no time to really think about what we are seeing.

People are not listening to your marketing chatter and they are actively finding ways to stop you from ever talking to them and from even getting your messages. There are no easy ways to generate real, qualified leads in this or any future market. There are no special lists that you can buy that will magically hold the hundreds of customers that are dying to buy from you.

You need to proactively find them as well as be where they are looking with the message they want to hear.

What are you doing to break through the clutter and deliver value to people that need your expertise/product/service?

What message/content/value are you delivering that will make it through the filters customers erect to eliminate ‘sales’ pitches?

Customers demand that you market proactively or they will ignore you like the rest of the clutter.

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