Your Customers Don't Care about You

Posted by Todd Hockenberry on Jan 03, 2013

customers don't care about youNo one cares about you and your problems and your lack of sales.

Customers don't care about you. They only care about their problems and their time - time they won’t give you if you insist on communicating to them in a self-centered, weak, and condescending way.  This applies to your customer's customers as well.  Always keep in mind that you sell best when you are thinking of how your solution heps your customer make thier customers happier.

Effective marketing starts happening when a company first realizes this fact. They acting from a position of self-knowledge asking two simple questions: first, who are we and second,  what do we do best.  Now you are ready to effectively and efficiently engage a customer or target market.

This is simple stuff we all know right?  I am continually surprised by how little thought companies give to these basic questions.  

We run in the world of inbound marketing and I am constantly amazed at how often consultants and agencies brag about this service or some menu of service that they offer.  Who cares!  They are talking tactics not results.  Business owners want results, they know tactics change and most have been burned chasing a shiny thing or two so they are ready and waiting for value based, results oriented marketing. 

When you reach the target you are best suited to service you specifically deliver the value sought by the customer or target market how, when, and where they want it.  The focus is outside, on them, on their needs, remember they do not care about your and your needs (or your features, services, quality level, etc).

Successful marketing is about you as much or more than it is about your customers – get your messages and mindset aligned first; then talk to customers.  Stop looking in the mirror for marketing strategies.

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