Inbound Marketing Strategy for Manufacturing - Made in America Trends

Posted by Todd Hockenberry on Mar 01, 2012

Today's Machining World recently published this article "Why is my business so good if the economy is so bad?" that highlights many reasons for US manufacturing companies to be optimistic.

A few key trends include:

  • the last 20 years have been tough for many manufacturing companies so many of the companies left are the most competitive
  • relentless productivity improvements make for better margins
  • high wage opportunities for skilled workers
  • recognition of the hidden and high costs of sourcing manufactured goods from China
  • our leading position as an innovative economy
One area many manufacturing companies have not improved is their marketing.

We regularly see manufactures that still reply on traditional demand generation tactics and outbound lead generation to drive leads into their sales process.  The inbound marketing strategy and methodology is a perfect way for manufacturers to find target prospects and more importantly be found by those prospects when they are in search of solutions.

Inbound marketing strategy revolves around a few key principles including:

  • Getting found or helping prospects find you online
  • Converting site visitors to leads through lead nurturing and content marketing
  • Developing good marketing data and metrics and tracking your results
The tools to implement a solid inbound marketing strategy include building a great website, engaging prospects using social media, publishing great, customer focused content, and actively engaging with your prospects.  HubSpot, a good CRM, and well defined sales process bring all of these tools together into one integrated system that generates leads and grows sales with the best ROI.
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