Is Your Content Marketing Like a Box of Chocolates?

Posted by Todd Hockenberry on Feb 09, 2012

I recently received this postacard in the mail.

postcard content marketing resized 600

Seems official, like there is something on the other side of this that I would want to have.  Feels like something of value because it has a package and tracking number.

Wrong....this is a scam to get you to call and then you get a pitch for a time share or some other pile of junk.  They are hoping that the official-ness of the postcard gets you to obediently call and then they hope that they can keep you on the line long enough after you realize you have been fooled to bait-and-switch into buying something else.

Of course your content marketing is not that deceitful - the question is, do you deliver the value you market once someone converts?  Do you impress them with the quality of  the content they have just 'bought' with their contact information on your landing page?

If your web site, landing page, PPC ad, or other online marketing does not deliver the valuable information that your visitors expect then you are starting your relationship out on very shaking ground and most likely stopped them from ever taking the next step.

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