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Is This Something That Might Be of Interest To You?


Just finished a rather bland book by Mark Thompson and Brian Tracy called Now...Build a Great Business.  They lay out the rules for going about building a great business (stick with Jim Collins, Good to Great for my money).

Friday Happy Hour: Third Prize- You're Fired (R RATED!)


A little mashup we found from (one of) our favorite sales movies:  Glengarry Glen Ross.

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For all you dads out there...



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You Can't Hurry Sales, But You Can Provide Extraordinary Value.


How many of your sales people are like Chris Farley in one of my all-time favorite sales movies Tommy Boy?

Small Manufacturing: You Better Be Interesting


Why is most marketing done by manufacturing companies boring in the extreme?  Why don't technical people make marketing that is as interesting as their product?  See this video for a glimpse of what augmented reality can do for Legos.

Show, Don't Tell Valuable in Customer Communications

Show Me, customer communications

A client recently described a customer situation where he lost an order due to a perceived difference in control software functionality.  The comment of his that made me stop was, "I told them that our software was better at this task and easier at that task than the competitor - but they still bought from the other guy."

Sales and Marketing Singing in Perfect Harmony


Remember the old Coke commercials with the happy clappy song……I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…..

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Are we this predictable?

you better be interesting

Just watched this video after seeing it on Todd Defren’s blog PR-Squared.  http://www.pr-squared.com/

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