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Would you be able to grow your business if you:

  • Knew where your best prospects go online for information and for help when they need it
  • Extended your website's reach using inbound marketing best practices
  • Were able to create the content that attracts leads and customers
  • Knew where your competition stood online and how to beat them
  • Had a great user experience based website design that worked for your prospects
  • Knew where do the leads from our website come from and why they converted or didn’t
  • Had a blog that drove traffic and was a source of ongoing engagement for your best prospects and customers
  • Were able to increase the traffic to your site and the quality leads
  • Knew exactly how your website could play a bigger role in generating leads and sales
  • Were able to reduce your reliance on paid print ads, PPC ads, and other paid media without losing business
  • And most importantly, knew how to get all of this done

With our experience working with hundreds of companies, we will help you learn how to connect with your ideal prospects, generate more leads, and grow your business using Inbound and digital marketing best practices.

We will help you identify the best opportunities for quick wins, set realistic goals, and build the best strategies for achieving your company goals.

Our experience tells us that B2B, industrial, and manufacturing companies need to:

Focus. There is no one size fits all marketing strategy. We will identify the activities that are going to generate the most value in the short term and in the long haul.

Adjust. If something isn’t working, we will help you change course.

Repeat. We will strengthen the areas of your marketing that your prospects respond to. It is about them, what they want, what engages them, what moves them to choose you.

Our experience also tells us that manufacturing and industrial companies need to:

Learn. We will coach you in the techniques and best practices so that you will be empowered to market as you see fit.

Empower. Create a marketing culture and a customer-focused attitude.

Equip. Your team needs the tools and training to generate the best marketing ideas and content.

If you are a B2B company, in the industrial world, or are a manufacturer we know how to grow your business online, here are three options for getting started:

Option 1

One hour phone call + evaluation - $500

  1. We will evaluate your current state of digital marketing experience and skill set during a two-hour interactive web conference
  2. Evaluate your online presence from the prospect's point of view - Website, Social Media, Recent Emails, etc.
  3. Provide a custom report of your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for Inbound Marketing

Option 2

One week - $1,500

  1. Option 1 plus the following (upgrade from Option 1 within 30 days and we’ll credit your option 1 fee)
  2. Review the data and analytics: How are you getting found and are you converting those visits to leads? How often are you able to convert those leads to Sales? And more.
  3. Examine the competition and give you actionable steps to better position your business online.
  4. Share a report of our analysis with immediately actionable steps moving forward

Option 3

Thirty days - $4,000

  1. Options 1 and 2 plus the following (upgrade from Option 2 within 30 days and we’ll credit your option 2 fee)
  2. Goal definition and setting - where you are now and where do you want to go
  3. Develop a plan for moving forward, including short-term activities that will quickly drive you towards business goals. We will help you focus today on the activities that generate the most value over time including a building a content development process and competitive analysis.

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We can develop a custom consulting or coaching solution where we help you reach your business growth goals.